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Welcome to www.carlsham.com

Mission:Strong Minds; Strong will; Smart Working

What we do: Blog; Shop; Advertise.

“The most searched words on the internet”. Well this is not it.

Carlsham is about blogging, shopping and advertising.

Sounds and seems diverse and that is exactly what carlsham is all about.

Diversity ingenuity just to name a few.


First and foremost two key points to note:


  • Blogs are updated frequently. Whether it is a mommy blog in which a woman shares adventures in parenting, a food blog sharing new recipes, or a business like carlsham providing updates to its services, blogs have new content added several times a week.
  • Blogs allow for reader engagement. Blogs are often included in social media because of the ability for readers to comment and have a discussion with the blogger and others who read the blog makes it social.


So yeah blogging lots of blogging. About what you may ask…

Anything and everything.

The best part is….(I will let that be a surprise)

Create an account with carlsham (it is free)my-account contact me  get your space and start blogging.

It’s that easy.

Let carlsham be your blogging partner.


Some key points to note:

1. Identifies a current problem / opportunity for a product, service or corporate brand
2. Identifies the consumers who can best solve / create that problem / opportunity
3. Creates the most relevant and distinctive way of communicating to them in creative & media terms

Adverts get your products and services out there.

And at carlsham we do just that.

Get in touch and get your products and services out there.

Let carlsham be your advertising partner.

Online Store

Carlsham is also an online store. The internet has made our small world smaller.

eCommerce gets you what you want when you want it and at shop you get

your products online and a click away from making a sale.

How to reach me contact

Let carlsham be your business partner.


Let carlsham be your:

blogging, advertising and business partner



  By Carlsham