Official shoes can be said to be footwear that might be passable for any type of formal occasion. Like any other shoe, an official shoe is used to protect and comfort the human foot, while the wearer is engaged in different kinds of activities. The shoe is also used as an item of decoration and fashion. The design of a shoe has varied enormously through time to time and culture to culture with the appearance originally being tied to function. Traditionally, shoes were made from leather, wood or canvas but in the 2010`s they have increasingly been made from rubber, plastic and other petrol-chemical derived materials. Even so the quality of official footwear has been quite maintained and so appreciated by the users.

Why we wear official shoes

  • An official shoe is not only a design but part of your body language. What you wear on your feet completes your look and this is done by putting on the right pair of an official shoe. It gives an impression of who you are, especially professionally, because people are bound to judging others according to how they look most importantly based on their footwear.
  • Fashion is a great way of expressing your mood. An outfit creates and expresses different moods in different occasions. It is always important to be careful while choosing your outfits and neglecting ones footwear is a cardinal sin since it changes, completes and complements the feeling of an outfit.
  • Being on an official shoe feels right in formal occasions hence boosting one ’s self esteem. Lots of official footwear easily compliments with the right outfit and this gives one the confidence required. What you put on your feet completely reflects what kind of look you are going for.
  • A good suit, great overcoat and a descent pair of shoe have never been cheap to buy but were built to last season upon season. It has been discovered by Market Research Provider Min-tel that the male shopper spends more on shoes than his female counterpart. This is a sign that quality is being appreciated and its partly due to a revived interest of buying into traditional skills, which extends from shoe manufacture to tailoring and barbering.

When official shoes became a thing think for both ladies and men

  • It is believed that official shoes have been there long before but due to their highly perishable nature it is difficult to find evidence their existence. Overtime quality shoes have been made with lasting material
  • Shoes always completes ones look, they tell people who you are and they tend to make conclusions about you. It is hence possible and important to have a number of official shoes with different styles which helps in serving the different formal occasions one needs to attend.
  • With the fact that men are spending more on their footwear is a sign that they are becoming so focused on their appearance from the concern of looking buff to grooming and fashion purchase.
  • It is important to consider shoes an investment because they are the window to your style. Putting on the wrong ones always telegraphs a less than ideal message to the people one is interacting.



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