hc mbao

A handball club built on a dream. Not just a handball club but Handball Club Mbao (HC Mbao).

A club with a rich history, a fulfilling present and a very promising future.

With its home base being at Ruiru Campus.

The root are bitter but I believe anyone would like to know the roots of HC Mbao.

History of HC Mbao

Long before a club was ever mentioned, a team had to be made.

Honestly, I was not there at the beginning , but I know quite a bit.

From what I know, handball in ruiru began in 2012. A journey of so many steps, some baby steps others milestones.

There was a very sub-standard pitch, a wooden post(that had to be remade quite often due to some legends whose shots came close to mach 1), water polo balls and a dream.

Fortune favors the bold and when one of the players, Sam Mwangi became sports congress a milestone was achieved.

6 seasons, 5 captains and the dream is close to being achieved. A team of elite handball players drawn from all walks of life,

talented and highly skilled.

From an unknown team, to an underdog in the 2017/018 season and certainly aiming to be a giant in the coming year.

The team that don a sky blue t-shirt have made a name for themselves, impressing most if not all who play against them.

Come one, come all.

HC Mbao takes pride in molding raw talent from the ground all the way up. All one needs is passion, hardwork and self determination.

We know the equation of success

Hustle + Muscle = Successs

HC Mbao believe in heart and work in the mind. With a mission

Strong Minds, Strong will, Strong drive

A very strong team bond, a saving culture and whom am I not to be optimistic when I say


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  By Carlsham