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It is not uncommon for one to take a step back and find a new path. Take a step jump so as to jump higher and so many other instances where a step back is the right step. Some may say forward ever backward never. Nothing to argue here. I call it the river motivation. A river keep going no matter what obstacles are in its way.

time is like a riverGoing forward ever is a good strategy. For a moment just a moment, imagine just imagine,if rivers could flow backwards. Going forward always call for  a lot of resilience and hard work. Look at time. Always going waiting for no man. I know for a fact it blows every scientists mind to imagine moving back in time. Honestly, some things are way out of our control. The thought however, make our body jolt with excitement at such possibility.

  The river motivation aside, time one may not have control over but life one can control that. Not the length but the quality of life. I believe working smart is the way to quality life. Taking steps back, some small some big but important for one to reassess their lives. Time may keep on moving but time is not life. The more the time does not equate to the quality of life. Always constantly looking at time and comparing our lives to it. Mathematically it is right and sounds right and is right. Arguing with numbers is pointless but the big question is life all about numbers? Bear with me, time is infinite so is life.

Parting shot. Each and everyone should strive to live an infinite life not bound by numbers and limits.

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