Frank, a name so common,
Am 6.0 foot tall
Dark, with a long haircut
Smile even in trouble
Red and blue I consider glamorous
Tidy works, all I end up messing,
Too many thoughts, long and deep.
Dying off in a lone world
Little words, less n less to share out.
Just imperfect
I trust even those that don’t deserve it
Keep even the foes,
So amiss I am.
I care too much,
Always trusting mother nature to work out her ways.
Imperfect is natural to me.
Set myself apart,
Wonder alone in nature.
A lone wolf I tend to be,
Strongest but die the weakest.
It’s just imperfect.
I eat fast,
Cant walk slow
Always on a super speed to nowhere.
Little pleasures
All lifelong for unworthy treasures
Just a life so imperfect.

But here you come:
Smile back when I do,
Tap my back even when I mess
Yah words relieve my silence
Inspire hope when am empty of it
Step in when all are stepping out
Shine on my mornings,
Grace my evenings.
You complete my soul,
My company in this lone world
Stretch yah hand when am laid down
Stitch together the broken pieces of my heart,
All my imperfections you shift,
Coz of you frank is rebranded
My smile now with a meaning,
And my heart with love.
Imperfect frank dies
And reborn, is a perfect one.


Mary Agnes Njogu · March 23, 2019 at 14:48


Faith Kiplagat · March 23, 2019 at 17:39

Woow ,,I like it Frank…you can do it.

jonteh · March 23, 2019 at 17:55

Affi big up breda,,,

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