Hiking is an outdoor activity which involves walking in natural environments often done on hiking trails. English speaking languages understand hiking but in different usage. In the United States and United Kingdom, hiking is cross- country walking of a long duration, usually over a terrain. It has become so popular that many organizations have come up in its support. In hiking there is a day hike which is to be completed in a single day and bush-walking which refers to difficult walking through dense forest where pushing vegetation aside is required so as to progress.

Why people hike

  • It brings out the inner animal. The fresh air and vegetation soothes your mind and the hard walking recharges your body with oxygen making you feel good.
  • It reconnects a person with a different environment apart from the man made one. An individual is connected with the element of rocks, dirt, trees, shrubs, air, water among others. One is reminded how part of the world looks like and how it used to look before.
  • It is not always fun but it shows that doing hard and tedious work can be good and enjoyable. With the modern world, internet has made it easy to avoid doing slow and challenging tasks. It’s too easy to always stay entertained, but when you get at the top of a hike, you feel like you have accomplished something.
  • Unlike the interactions people get in their work places where people rarely show who they actually are, hiking connects people in a unique way. Conversations on the terrains often brings out a more genuine, relaxed and honest version of a person. It’s said that nature is beautiful because she can remind us that we are weak, alone, unimportant and almost dead. That in turn can free us from the suffocating restrictions of the social norms. During hiking people let out their more playful spontaneous sides. With that you are in a healthy state together.

Importance of hiking

  • According to the American Hiking Society, it delivers a remarkable range of health benefits with few risks. Some of the health benefits include lose weight, decreases hypertension, reduce heart disease and even slows the aging process. It also offers mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It is real. It keeps boredom at bay. It encourages you to step away from your computers and under florescent lights and step back into nature. It’s a chance to experience the world directly and without a filter and to rediscover the rhythms of the day and season.
  • It is also simple. The beauty of hiking is that it’s an extension of something we do naturally and every day. By hiking you often begin to develop additional stamina skills and comfort on the trail. It’s easy to stick with this because the frustration levels of beginners are low.
  • Its essentials are minimal. This practically makes it cheap compared to other sport activities. Hiking requires one to be on good boots, a few pieces of proper clothing, a comfortable pack then you are good for a hike.


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