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Skating for fun


In most cases when we think of keeping fit, our minds will often wander to the obviously known methods of weight loss like running, walking, yoga and the gym.
For a successful weight loss, it is advisable to engage in a weight loss activity that is fun for consistency and this is where we get to skating. Skating is a popular recreational activity and sport well known for body fitness. It is also a fun activity hence killing to birds with the same stone.



Better Heart Health

In the USA and the whole world, heart disease is the leading cause of premature death. The American Heart Association has deemed roller sport as an effective form of aerobic exercise hence strengthening the heart. Moderate roller skating and rollerblading will increase the average skaters’ heart rate from 140-160 beats a minute and for the more energetic forms of skating the increase can go to about 180 beats a minute.

Improving Natural Balance.

Skating helps improving natural balance since it requires one to keep a steady core in order to remain upright which helps in achieving a better balance.


Diabetes being on the rise, The American Diabetes Association recommends strength training and aerobic exercise which are acquired during skating. Skating will help your body use and control your insulin better strengthens the heart and bones and lowers blood glucose hence helps in controlling and preventing diabetes.

Skating Makes You Happy.

People Skating for fun

As a fun activity skating makes you happy. Skating clears the mind minimizes bad hormones and increases the good endorphin commonly known as the happy hormones and this just makes you happy.

Skating and Weight Loss.

Skating for weight loss is an effective method of getting healthy. To lose weight we need to be sensible. One need to involve themselves in something they love doing for consistency. Skating is a fun way to burn calories compared to walking and running making it effective.

Skating Builds Muscles.

Skating is not only a cardio exercise but also an activity that helps flex and firm up a number of areas including the abs, glutes, thighs, and calves too. This means that as soon as you manage to drop some pounds and lose the excess weight you’ll notice that you look significantly leaner and toned.

To sum all this up, we’ve seen that the fitness benefits of skating are overwhelmingly mind-blowing. If you have been contemplating on skating, there is now more than enough reason to pick those skates and start skating.

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