GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS  is a system of computer software and procedures designed to support the capture,
management, storage, manipulation,retrieval, analysis and display of spatially referenced
data for solving complex planning of management problems.



In public health epidemiological studies helps in tracking the source of diseases and movement
of contagious agencies. This enables effective response to outbreaks of diseases by identifying a risk
population and targeting interventions.
It is used in conducting health policy research, establishing service areas and districts.
It also provides a way to move data from project level to a level to be used by an organisation.


GIS specializes in the input, management, analysis and reporting of geographical information.
It is a well suited platform for managing data used in transportation application since it is
a spatial activity.
It also provides sophisticated database management systems designed for spatially referenced
data using locations as a common point of reference.


The analytical and modelling tools of  GIS are used to solve problems related to database structure.
Simple and complex analytical models alike.
It is used in conducting feasibility studies of an area for a specific purpose e.g monitoring an areas growth.
It is commonly used to assist with land use,  planning and development.
Using GIS planners can model different scenarios, compare the spatial models and asses the impact
on the area.


GIS is used to map and project current and future fluctuations in precipitation, temperature, crop output
and more.

This helps scientists and farmers to work together to create more effective and efficient farming
It also aids in analyzing soil data to determine best crops to plant and maintain soil nutrition levels.

GPS  and remote sensing have enabled the collection  and analysis  of field data in ways impossible before.

It is evident GIS has become an integral part of our daily lives.




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