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   Benefits of Friendship

One of the most important and least understood areas of psychology is the role of friends in our lives. Friends are the family we have outside the closed walls of the house. They are the people we don’t share a drop of blood with but yet hold the closest spot of our hearts.

Why We Need Friends. 


  • Best Listeners

In times when we want to rant and whine spill gossip and keep complaining even when we aren’t making sense, they are the people we run to. They always lend us an ear, listen to us and pretend to understand even when they don’t.

  • Our Reality Checkers

Friends will always be able to capture and predict situations we are in denial with. They make sure to keep our feet on earth when we try to wander in the world of fantasy, may it be in our ridiculous way of arguing about things, our outfits or even when dealing with a cheating boy/girlfriend maybe.

  • Comfort Zone

We feel comfortable around our friends even in our weirdest looks and outfits. Our friends have seen us in our ugliest appearances and situations of our lives and still stick around.

  • They are our Secret Keepers

Friends keep almost all our secrets. We freely share with them our most embarrassing and happiest times, about our families, the last date we went and every other little thing that happens in our lives.

  • Shoulder to Lean on

When situations are so hard to cope with, friends will always lend us a shoulder to lean on, wrap us with loving warm arms which keep us away from the harsh times for a moment.

  • Friends Help Boost Our Self Esteem

We often find us in our best selves around our friends. Our friends stand by us even in the most unusual times creating a lot of confidence in us, which at times pushes us to take risks we couldn’t on our own.

We may at times find it cool having no close relations with no one or even doubt the role of our friends in our lives but it’s good to know that we need friends as much as they need us.

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