A blog is a discussion or set of information published on the World Wide Web involving discrete and mostly informal text entries in diary form. It is popularly known as a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. A blogger is the person who continuously updates the blog and keeps a chronological flow of information on a number of happenings in form of personal journals sharing life aspects, nature, foods, culture, environment technology or any interesting topic to attract audience. A blogger can share personal thoughts, quick updates and educate others on the existing, facts, developments in the current dispensation, as well as projected changes in a given phenomenon. Blogging has become a critical aspect of expressing ideas and passing information for many writers in the world and reaching a greater audience who subscribe to read updated blogs.

Why do people blog?

Blogging gives writers a platform to express their ideas, likes and dislikes, educate others and update their audiences. A blog according to Ian Cleary; a social media blogger is a magnet that attracts one’s potential clients. A writer who composes and updates high quality and relevant content for their audience, end up attracting relevant traffic and continuously builds a wider profile. Thus, blogging introduces conversations on social media and gives a platform for exchanging ideas and give feedback.

Advantages of blogging involve:

  • Blogging updates people on new developments on specific topics and happenings in daily life. Human beings are an evolving species and will always want to get new and updated information.
  • For business bloggers, the more times a customer comes to your blog; the more likely they are to buy your product. In general, business blog is a perfect marketing platform where the owner updates on products on sale, new inventions and arrivals.
  • Blogging helps bloggers build trust and create a good relationship with their clients. Further, they build expertise and credibility through writing and interacting with their audience from feedback and comments obtained.

The drawbacks of blogging are:

As much as blogging is a fun thing to do, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the world of online working. Before starting a blog one should be aware of its downsides.

  • A blog requires a lot of time to come up with updated, credible and quality information. Thus, a blogger needs to keep engaging readers by having regular updates. A successful blog attracts audience, maintains it and expands with exponentially with providence of new stuff to read. This requires regular updates that are factual and relevant and thus, a lot of time for research and assessing authenticity before writing is inevitable.
  • A blog requires continuous update of new ideas to maintain the audience and attract more. People are always attracted to new ideas and it is always up to the blogger to make sure that there is always new, relevant and up to date information to give to the readers. The starting point of blogging may have little returns, but eventually, bloggers make great impact.

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