Ever wondered how people make money while watching a game or a race?

Well the simple truth is that they bet on the outcome of the game. Betting is the action of gambling money on the outcome of a game, race or other unpredictable outcome.

History of betting

Betting and gambling are two close things. When we take a look at betting it all started during the rain of the Romans when they used to hold tournaments. Mostly,  betting requires three things be present: consideration, chance and prize. The amount of money you win in betting depends on the amount of money you are willing to bet on the event or events and the number of odds you have picked.

It’s possible to bet online and or you pick a ticket at the counter. . One of the most popular winners in the betting games are people like Adrian Hayward and Fred Craggs who won their bests under different circumstances.


When we take a simple look at consideration the key things to look at here are; the best players within the team and if they relate well with other players mostly in football. The momentum where we take a look at the history of the teams including their previous matches. Don’t forget the head to head match of the team. Lastly you should take a look at the ownership of the team.

While picking a bet you should be careful of how you choose your odds because that is the key to winning your bet. When you bet for the underdog that is called “against the odd”.

When betting you should know how to read the odds. Apart from reading the odds,  you should have statistics of the match and their line-up because this is can affect the outcome of the game.

While you bet you should know the number on the left is how much you can win while the number on the right is how much you stake.

Where to place your money

The best place to bet is through the internet because it has many sites where you can place your bets.

Some of the sites you can bet on are Betin, Sportpesa, Bet360 among others.

The internet can also offer live betting where you can bet while watching the match and this is the option which most people love since they can easily predict the outcome of the match as they watch the game.

You can also do your homework of finding the best teams to bet on and place the bet and wait for the match to start.

While you are betting there are a lot of options like; win-lose, win-draw which is mostly called double chance and over or under options. When you place over/under option you are trying to predict the number of goals that will be scored.


When you bet through the internet, take a look at the pay-out option since various sites have their own duration of paying out once the match is over and the minimum amount one can withdraw from the site.



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