Who? What? Why?

The three questions that will clearly define what www.carlsham.com is all about.


In business terms we will call it sole proprietorship. The who is Jeremy Njonge. I am the webmaster and I try my best to give a very wonderful online experience.


It is more of a three in one entity.

The three being an online store, blogging space and finally advertising.

They make carlsham a wholesome website and something for everyone.


Let me start with blogging.

Blogging is a form of expression using words.

An online store is the big thing.

Almost everything is now a click away and there is room for everyone in eCommerce.

Lastly we have advertising.

The essence of  advertising is to first get a product and service known and second make money from the adverts.

I hope I have answered the three questions to a knowledgeable extent.

Now I can move on to what carlsham is really about.

Carlsham is driven by a mission:

Strong minds, strong will, strong drive, smart working.

Carlsham is also guided by a vision:

To be an online partner to mission minded individuals.

Goals and Objectives

  • Have solid traffic levels that are not dependent on new posts
  • Get around 500-1000 email subscribers
  • Have guest posts on at least three different authority blogs
  • A solid base of long-form content on a variety of platforms
  • • Build brand loyalty
  • • Increase website traffic
  • • Generate sales
  • • Improve customer convenience
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving profits
  1.  High reach-ability – to get a lot of customers and make sales online.
  2. High Conversions – get a lot of people who visit the website like what they see and become loyal customers.
  3.  Customer satisfaction – provide quality and desirable products, on-time delivery, 24*7 customer support and best deal offers.
  4. Social popularity – become a brand.



  By Carlsham