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It’s interesting how schools run in wrangles especially between the students and the administration. It is indeed tasking, dealing with a population of dynamic individuals like the teenagers and from different backgrounds.

In this regard most of the school administrations put in place student leadership structures to help them manage the student population. This however does not always work the case for students and the administration since the student leaders are kept as administration puppets which makes their relationship with the rest of the students difficult. In the case where they chose to be like the rest of the students, student leaders end up failing the administration.

Either way, running a school in such an environment may see a lot of strikes happening, riots, bullying, among other atrocities in school which could be reduced greatly by the same student leaders if they had the hands on leadership skills. As earlier stated, this is a dynamic group to deal with hence too much of theoretical leadership training will give much of theoretical leadership solutions. To change the slogan the

Aberdare Outdoor Adventurers have brought in a new concept of experiential leadership training which aims at making the students own the leadership part and act to provide the administration with more solutions than reporting in more problems.


                                                                                     = TEAM WORK ENHANCEMENT

                                                                                     = PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT

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  By Carlsham